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HDL Publishing is about to launch their new Teaching Australians Preventive Health Education (TAPHE) Program. This is designed to Teach Teenagers Preventive Health which they can Practice at Home on their parents and grandparents. The following lesson plans should assist teachers to incorporate the new Gold Book Service Manuals into their current health education program as per the aim of the NSW Board of Studies PDHPE curriculum – teaching students to ‘advocate lifelong health’.

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Living in a Healthy World Lesson

Lesson Guide for
‘Living in a Healthy World’
Supporting materials for
Lesson 2 of Lesson Guide

Advocating Health at Home Lesson

Lesson Guide for
Advocating Health at Home

RACGP Guidelines Lesson

Year 12 PDHPE Sample Assessment Task
Task students to put themselves in the role as editor for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander section of the Gold Book. Using the RACGP Guidelines, edit a selection of service manual age pages to ensure that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population has been given appropriate preventive health recommendations.

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