Andrew Penman, Chief Executive Officer, Cancer Council NSW

"When faced with the volume of health messages and advice abroad in the world, men can become bewildered or cynical. The timely and appropriate guidance that the Gold Book provides is an antidote for both."

Terry Muldoon, Principal, St Columba Anglican School

"The Gold Books offer a practical approach to health education. As an educator, I strongly recommend this approach of getting the "right" health information into the hands of young people. The information in Dr Hingston's books is easily accessible, clearly expressed and pertinent to the current and future well-being of young people."

Sue Murray, Cheif Executive Officer, National Breast Cancer Foundation

"Research has led to a great deal of knowledge to help maintain good health. This manual applies that research knowledge to help you improve and manage your health. Use it annually and enjoy the benefits to be gained over your lifetime."

Susanna Christie, Connected Learning Trainer

"In the 21st century, people need to change their behaviours and take greater responsibility for their own health. This easily accessible, easily understood manual will encourage girls/woman to do so whilst allowing them to record their results for life, and should empower them to enchance their overall health status."

Elizabeth Walton, Medical Publisher

"The concept of this service manual is simply brilliant! I will give a copy to everyone I love, giving them this book could save their life!"

Shane Williams, Department of Education and Training

"I just visited this website, and have reviewed the service manuals. They are a fantastic resource for teachers. I will be including the website and the activities in my PDHPE program when I return to school."

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